Finding the right skill set for the jobs in Pakistan is a tough task. VR Hiring creates a bridge between the Organization, job opportunities and the best executives and middle level management professionals who add value to the task faced by the whole organization. Our recruitment team, career consultants and human resource management experts are highly qualified and experienced who bring an unmatched level of integrity to every career placement and search due to their access to the HR in Pakistan. We integrate three main processes which are identifying the need, tracking and the hiring process to produce the best possible solutions for our clients. With our hiring consultants our clients, that range from corporate companies in Pakistan to large local groups to multinationals to small and medium enterprises, will get an opportunity to cut through the clutter of portfolios, quickly identify best candidates be it permanent, part time or freelancers for the job and reduce the time span and fatigue associated with the recruitment processes.


In this cut throat competitive environment organizations wants to pay more and more attention and time on their core businesses. In such an environment, outsourcing is the best solution which helps organization to eliminate their human resource department. We not only provide organizations with the right people but we also take care of the legalities involved in human resource department. We deal in all the legal matters and other legal proceeding so that our clients may stay out of all the hassle and have all their focus and attention on their core business.


VR Hiring presents a wide range of outsourcing solution to organizations, among which some of the key benefits are as following:

Human Resource Management

  • Employee database management
  • Employee past portfolio
  • Screening support system
  • New hiring processes
  • Package orientation of employees
  • Updates of employment legal laws
  • Application forms of the staff

Employee Benefits Administration

  • Employee management program management
  • Insurance plans
  • EOBI and SESSI management
  • Gratuity management
  • Employee leaves and holidays

Payroll Management

  • oPre-employment tests and other processes
  • Employee bank account opening and on time salary transfer
  • Payroll processing
  • Reports of the payroll
  • Tax compliance
  • Updates, deductions and advances in payroll
  • Income tax and other legalities


At VR Hiring we manage current need of the organization through training programs by our specialized facilitators. As far as the development is concerned we assess the future need of the business and in relevance to that design learning programs which could fulfill the strategic gaps of the organization. Learning programs is conducted along with the career management so that the whole company can develop the right skill set at the time when it’s needed. The real objective of VR training and learning programs is to achieve the following benchmarks:

  • Increase the overall productivity of the organization so that it can achieve its corporate mission optimally.
  • Motivate the employees in order to make them understand and task clearly so that they could find their work meaningful.
  • Employees personal grooming which is important not only for the organization corporate culture but also for their personal career advancement.