Great Peoples Behind V R Hiring

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Mumtaz ul Haque Ansari

Abid Beli

Abid Beli


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The VR Hiring Advantage

Services that elevate your business proficiency and grant you a competitive advantage in the competitive corporate world is something inevitable which every organization longs for. We, at VR Hiring, offer you Human Resource Management and consultation through our expert career consultants who are devoted professionals and posses in depth knowledge of the HR market, jobs in Pakistan and have access to the appropriately skilled and technically savvy HR in Pakistan.

In order to provide with the best of consultation, VR hiring has deeply gone through the whole HR analysis and revamped the traditional HR practices. This epoch of corporate transition has literally evolved the role of TRADITIONAL Human Resource and enlightens the importance of TRANSFORMATIONAL HR that has incorporated the company’s strategic objectives and HR solutions being served not only to the corporate companies in Pakistan but all sizes of organizations.

VR hiring undertakes to weigh down your company expenses and strengthens your organizational structure by providing you the most able-bodied manpower around. We have competent HR Specialists and Generalists who aptly understand your unique set of requirements, the market conditions and availability of the human resources and weave these together into your delicate organizational fabric which executes your HR needs in the most effective manner and in the best way possible for you and the candidate.

Associating with VR Hiring paves the way for growth of your organization. We are a team of competent individuals that are dedicated career consultants who are well-equipped scholastically and willing to go the extra mile in providing HR services. We professionally comprehend all HR terminologies & concepts and are capable of putting them into practice.

In short our services will help you in three major areas out which the first would be STRATEGY, second would be INTERNATAL AND EXTERANL ENVIRONMENT and last would be the FUNCTIONAL area which would look after the execution side and compliance of the operations with the corporate strategy.